We went hardcore parkour in 412

Stephen Amell responded to a question about jaw-dropping stunts he or another person has done recently and teased about an upcoming parkour sequence in 412 that may be the best Arrow has done to date. Bold words from the lead actor. Here’s his response:

“I do some stunts coming up! First of all, we went hardcore parkour in Episode 412… Hardcore parkour… I jumped onto a moving vehicle. It was pouring rain. I think that it’s the greatest parkour sequence we’ve ever done on this show…. and I did all of it….. and I got a stinger on my foot from hitting the ground too hard. There’s that and boy I’ll tell ya when you see me on top of a garbage truck you know shit’s about to go down, pardon my language.”

Stephen Amell – Facebook Q&A

Parkour is back on Arrow! Hell yeah!

Here’s refresher on past Arrow parkour scenes:

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