An epic tease for 414

James Bamford is the master of the tease. So far Episode 414 has been as mysterious as 407, his first directorial effort. Today James tweeted:


Speculation was rife….





Could it be someone from Stargate, The X-Files or Supernatural? Who do you think it will be? Leave your guess in the comments…..


Hmmmm…. if it’s not DC, then I guess Marvel… perhaps Peter Shinkoda from Daredevil and Falling Skies? I read recently that he turned down the role of Maseo for the role of Nobu in Daredevil – He’d love working with BamBam again (he laste worked with him on Mortal Kombat Legacy).

The SciFi franchise could be Stargate or Star Trek… Michael Shanks, Wil Wheaton perhaps.

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