A few words about hate

A tool such as social media has the power to do so much good, as we saw recently when Stephen Amell helped an Arrow colleague find his son, who had been kidnapped 12 years earlier. Recently though I’ve seen a lot of so-called adults using this to attack and discredit someone I care about that works so hard on Arrow. The subject of their attacks… James Bamford.

Instead of celebrating his achievements in directing his first episode I’ve seen people question his qualifications, going so far to tweet his bosses to suggest he did not get the directing gig by merit, but rather via some “Boy’s Club”. That is offensive, rude and totally out of line. I assure you, James did not sit around waiting for someone to hand this opportunity to him on a platter. He spent over twenty-five years working towards this opportunity, logging over 60,000 hours on set, that’s an education for you. He has acted, performed all manner of stunts, been the 2nd unit director on a number of productions, has studied the directors he’s worked with and asked questions. He’s watched thousands of films, paying attention to the techniques of many directors, what works and what doesn’t. He flew down to LA and had a meeting with Executive Producer, Greg Berlanti to discuss directing. In preparation for his first directing gig, Mr Berlanti got James to shadow some directors in Season 3.

There are many paths one can take to become a director. Wendey Stanzler came from an editing background, Glen Winter from Cinematography, so why is it inconceivable that someone could transition from stunts to directing? In fact, there are several well known directors that were once stunt performers – Hal Needham (Smokey & the Bandit), Chad Stahelski & David Leitch (John Wick) to name a few. Even one of their favourite directors, Lexi Alexander, states she was a stunt performer before turning to directing. James Bamford is qualified. Glen Winter is qualified. They just have different backgrounds and a different perspective on Arrow.

Brotherhood was Arrow seen through James’ eye. I, like many others more knowledgeable about film, found the episode fresh, dynamic and exciting. The fight sequences were the best I had seen on television. I also enjoyed the way James covered scenes in the lair.

I do find it amusing the way some fans trip over themselves by saying the director does nothing to elicit incredible performances from the actors, unless it’s a director they like and then they praise them. I’m sure most of these armchair critics have no idea what a director actually does or understand the collaboration between actors, director and crew to deliver what we see on screen.

I think it’s time for the Producers, Cast, Crew & the majority of Arrow fans who are supportive to take a stand and say enough! Love what you love, but in the Arrow fandom we are supportive. Hating on cast, crew, their families and other fans won’t be tolerated.


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