Photos and video from the Code of Silence shoot

That’s a wrap. Final words to James


James shared the following via Instagram

Filming moved to Rogers Arena Friday night. Stephen posted the following photo

Perhaps some motorcycle stunts.

Two days this week the Arrow cast and crew are filming at Vogue Theatre on Granville Street for a Mayoral debate and a few photos and a Facebook Live video has surfaced.

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And sometimes…..just because….

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The best "A" Camera operator in the business….. J.D.

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Stephen Amell on set at Vogue Theatre (with special appearance by James Bamford)



In addition, Paul Blackthorne offered an apology to Stephen Amell via Facebook after a particularly difficult scene:

Had a nice little scene with Stephen at the end of the day, which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately the only downside was it slipping in to the dreaded ‘corpsing’ scenario. This being the point reached when all eye contact is deemed utterly impossible lest one crack up uncontrollably. It doesn’t happen often, but boy when it does, its horrible! The cause in this case was the camera moving quite swiftly into Stephen’s face as he finished his line, in order to accommodate a transition shot into the next scene. As the camera reached its final resting point, about two inches from his face, all I could see was Stephen’s left eye peaking out the side of the camera trying not to laugh as I cracked up every time. Fortunately, due to his exemplary acting skills, eventually he was able to hold it together and we could all go home. Sorry about that big man – I owe you a beer for that one! Great scene though…

Source: Facebook/Paul Blackthorne

James had some lovely things to say about working with Charlotte Ross, who plays Donna Smoak. She also had some kind words in return in the comments. It looks like it may have been an intensely emotional scene, judging from the photo:

Filming will include an evacuation of the theatre, according to a film notice shared by WhatsFilming:

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