The Black Canary/Speedy team-up you never saw

BamBam shared his favourite fight sequences from each episode in Season 4 and fans were treated to the stunt rehearsal for a fight sequence that never made it to air.

In Episode 404, Beyond Redemption, Black Canary and Speedy team up to fight a SWAT guy attacking with a net gun. James says “It’s a great show of co-operation”. It features several spinning kicks and James “enjoys seeing the guy be overwhelmed by the speed and skill of these two ladies”. It’s certainly a fun fight that I hope will be released on the Season 4 DVD.

There are so many top moments in the video including (in no particular order):

1. Speedy swinging on the door of the moving truck.

2. Green Arrow/Black Canary zipline.

3. The camera work & fight skills in the Lost Souls battle.

4. The camera work and dynamic choreography in the Brotherhood elevator fight. Bravo Bam & Curtis. Also Melissa was amazing.

The Arrow Stunt team are killing it as always with impressive choreography and amazing performances. It staggers me that they accomplish this on a TV  timeframe and budget. Bravo!

What were your favourites?


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