Den of Geek lists the most memorable Arrow fights

The  crew at Den of Geek shared their love of Arrow stunts by preparing a list of the “Most Memorable Arrow Fights“.

They said:

“The Arrow stunt department and fight crew works really hard to bring smooth action and great, cinematic fight scenes that lead the way in modern television (and seriously, how have they now won an Emmy yet?). They somehow keep making bigger, better action sequences.”

Source: Den of Geek

So many personal favourites made the list; from Thea/Andy Elevator fight in Brotherhood to Arrow/Ra’s Al Ghul in The Climb, the parkour sequence in The Pilot and Saving Walter from The Undertaking.

A few more that come to mind include the parkour sequence from Salvation, the truck fight from The Scientist, Oliver and Sara vs the LOA in the Queen mansion, Oliver vs the assassin in the Queen mansion, Deathstroke/Yao Fei, the Canary entrance…. wow I could go on.

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