James Bamford orchestrated gold

Some wonderful praise for the sword fights from “Unchained”:

“That moment came in last week’s episode when we were rewarded with another chance to see her fighting spirit. In episode twelve, aptly named “Unchained,” her moment finally reared its triumphant head during Malcolm’s absence when Talibah and two other league members orchestrated her jail-break. James Bamford, the master-mind behind Arrow’s amazing action, orchestrated gold with her escape scene.
Nyssa’s prowess with her sword was true to form as we watched her slay every league member still loyal to their new Ras. With every fierce swipe of her sword, Nyssa finally declared war against Malcolm in the blood of her enemies. Quickly leaving the lair, her search for the mysterious lotus led her to the door-step of an old friend, Katana, where we were treated with another sword fight that had us at the edges of our seats.”

The Raging Phoenix: Resurgence of Nyssa al Ghul – UntitledTV

Watch the escape:

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