A few details on the Demolition Team

I’ve been doing a little research on DC’s Demolition Team. In the comics the team are a group of mercenaries, hired to destroy the LA branch of Ferris Aircraft. The leader, Rosie was:

“A former, no-nonsense bar owner in New Orleans, she brandished a rapid-fire hot rivet gun.”

Another member, Hardhat was a:

“former heavyweight boxing palooka from New York City. His powered helmet and harness made him into a human juggernaut, currently a resident of Limbo.”

Source: Wikipedia

Trivia for those like me that hadn’t heard the term palooka. It refers to a boxer that isn’t very good and takes a dive.

In Arrow, Code of Silence Rosie and Hardhat are portrayed by Stargate’s Rachel Luttrell and Marc Trottier, who was a Spartan warrior on 300 and Fight Choreographer on Darkness Waits and The Job.

It’s unknown what mysterious team member Daniel Cudmore is playing, perhaps it’s a spoiler for the episode and stunts.

In Code of Silence the Demolition Team are employed by H.I.V.E to take down Team Arrow.

James gave some more information on the weapon Rosie is armed with in the still photos for the episode:


Code of Silence
Arrow — “Code of Silence” — Image AR414A_0109b.jpg — Pictured: Rachel Luttrell as Rosie — Photo: Katie Yu/ The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

More episode photos

We do know that the theatre where the Mayoral Debate was filmed was evacuated and it appears from the trailer  the Demolition Team attack the building and the team members.

Arrow Code of Silence airs Wed Feb 17 8PM CW (US) & CTV (Canada) as well as Thu Feb 18 7:30PM Fox8 (Australia)


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