New interview: Finale sequence buries every other one we’ve done

Comic Book Resources published an interview they did with James Bamford recently, where he discussed how he came to work on Arrow, how he taught Stephen Amell and hinted at an amazing sequence in the Season 4 finale.

James with Stephen Amell and Simon Burnett
Originally James was approached while in Cuba working on Ek Tha Tiger for advice on training the star for a new TV show. James didn’t know the name of the show or origins. The need for continuity with style led to the offer to work on Arrow from Stunt Co-ordinator J.J. Makaro.

I was a performer, and started training Stephen on the pilot. Instead of having a specific fight coordinator position, I was brought on as a performer and given the honor of choreographing all the fight sequences for the pilot. It became apparent that I should be around, so I started training Stephen in martial arts, boxing, different movement types and weapons.
Source: Comic Book Resources

Arrow is often compared to other comic book adaptations such as Daredevil and James makes valid points regarding the time and money to create the sequences:

The main challenges are obviously time and money for a series like this, where we shoot an eight-day schedule. We cram so much into that incredibly short time period, whereas, you’ll get a show like “Daredevil” which will get 12 days of shooting, plus four second-unit days. That’s a lot of time compared to what we get.

Source: Comic Book Resources 

The battle with Damien Darhk and his Genesis plan is coming to its conclusion in the season finale and James hinted at what’s to come:

Without giving anything away, there’s the old saying, “Go big or go home.” This finale sequence buries every other one we’ve done.
Source: Comic Book Resources 

Read the full interview: How Arrow’s Fight Co-ordinator turned Oliver Queen into a badass

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