This Stuff is Insane… It’s Sick

Arrow wrapped early today and Stephen Amell shared via Facebook, some thoughts on the Arrow action they’ve shot so far: 

We have been having such a fantastic time shooting the first part of the season of Arrow and I am so excited. I’m getting constant texts right now from James Bamford, who’s in Los Angeles cutting 501 and 502.. And he’s just like “This stuff is insane, it’s sick.”

He was cutting together a fight.. I can’t say the name of the fight because it’s a callback to another fight we’ve done on the show… And he’s like “It’s just awesome”. So I’m really fired up to see it. I’ll probably see a Director’s Cut really soon.

Director, James Bamford, shared a few photos from the editing suite:

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Tom hard at work on the premiere! This is DOPE!!!!

A post shared by James Bamford (@james2bambamford) on

As well as sharing this lovely photo from filming 501/502

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