Arrow 100 Day One

Filming began today on the milestone 100th episode of Arrow. Director James Bamford shared the following:

Paul Blackthorne shared a lovely photo from set:

As did the Production Office:

After starting in the studio, production moved downtown:

Interestingly, the episode will guest star Katie Cassidy and Jamey Sheridan, both whose characters are deceased in the current timeline. A popular fan theory is that they will portray Earth 2 Black Siren and Green Arrow, although this has not been confirmed. Jamey was seen in the Arrow cast reading photo shared by Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim:

At lot has happened in five years. Fans have been treated to drama, shock twists, romance and the best stunts on television. We’ve said goodbye to a number of beloved characters.

Arrow Production Office and Writers have been sharing some fun facts:

Stephen Amell shared a call sheet from the first day of filming the Pilot. This included the memorable “Chair Fight” and chase, which James featured in. It must have been the first time Jon Kralt was “stunt killed” on Arrow.

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