Bye Bye Bam’s Vines…. Looking Back At The Best

Today Twitter announced that it was shutting down the Vine app. I’m a little sad as I’ve enjoyed watching James’ Vines over the years. Most were taken from set, celebrating Cigar Fridays, occasionally with some special guests from the Arrow stunt team, Jack The Teamster or the cast. They showed James’ playful side and appreciation for fine cigars.

To honour James’ Vine work I thought I’d present the following awards:

Most Popular Vine:

Best Practical Joke Vine:

Scariest Vine (tie):

Best Guest Star (tie): 

Best Real Life Event Captured in a Vine:

Best Musical Vine (tie):

Funniest Vine (tie):

Most Inspirational Vine for My Training:

Best Batman Related Vine (tie):

Best Story in a Series of Vines (tie):


Funniest Jack The Teamster Vine:

Most Surprising Vine (tie):

Cutest Dog Vine:

Best Tattoo Vine:

Saddest Vine:

Best Recovery in a Vine (almost said Three 😊):

May there be many, many more Cigar Fridays. Thanks for always entertaining us and no they were never boring. 😊

PS Origin of Cigar Fridays

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