Bam Discusses Arrow 100th, Prometheus, Talia & Gives One Unexpected Answer

Arrow Supervising Stunt Co-ordinator and 100th Episode Director, James Bamford, chatted with CBR about the epic crossover event and more. Here’s a taste:

CBR: What was your reaction when you received the script for “Invasion!?”

James Bamford: How are we going to pull this off in eight days? To be honest, my reaction was it really speaks to the character base, the heart of the show and the ties that bind, if you will. I was really touched.

CBR: Are the aliens all CGI creations, or did you go practical in some cases?

James Bamford: They are real aliens. We did a big casting call in the universe. David Rapaport has contacts on Saturn and Mars and a few of the other planets. Quite a few different aliens showed up. It came down to what origin of planet fit into our universe. That was one of the first questions they asked them. “Which planet are you from?” It was a big casting search. I can’t give away any secrets.

I’m still laughing at that last answer. Read the full interview on CBR – Arrow Director Leads the Charge Against CW Crossover’s Alien Invaders

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