Marc Guggenheim on Choosing Bam to Direct Arrow 100

It’s no secret that the Arrow “Powers That Be” are happy with the work James has done on the show. In a recent interview, Marc Guggenheim clarified why they chose James to direct the milestone episode:

Fight Coordinator James Bamford, who has directed several episodes of “Arrow,” and appeared in the pilot, directed the “Arrow” 100th.

“We had Bam direct it because he was quite simply the best man for the job. He was the guy,” Guggenheim said. “I love his visual style, I love the performances he gets out of the actors. He finds a way to convey scope and production value in a way that pushes the envelope of the show. I’m an enormous fan of his work and he’s never let us down.”

Source:  Arrow 100: Marc Guggenheim on the Diggle Twist… 

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