Arrow and the Law of Gravity

Incredible stunts on superhero TV shows, such as Arrow, have captured the attention of television viewers. These productions are achieving incredibly high quality stunts on a much smaller budget and timeframe than their movie counterparts and raising the bar for what we see on television.

James was interviewed for a recent Variety article on Superhero shows:

“We like to make sure that the laws of gravity are adhered to,” says James Bamford, stunt coordinator for CW’s “Arrow.” “You won’t see floaty wire work or a lot of unmotivated acrobatics.”

More Superhero Shows Raise the Bar for Television Stuntwork – Variety

He later clarified “floaty wire work” with me:

“Floaty” as in, staying afloat in the air longer then appearing realistically possible as dictated by the laws of gravity. Unless the action calls for the “airtime” to be enhanced……ie……a grappling arrow/cable.

James Bamford – Private conversation 

I love the thought James and the stunt team put into every action sequence on the show. Sure the sequences look cool, but they still follow the underlying rules.

Read the full article at More Superhero Shows Raise the Bar for Television Stuntwork – Variety

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