Doubling Arrow

With trick arrows, dynamic fight sequences, thrilling explosions, ziplines and parkour, Arrow stunts have entertained us for six seasons with actors and stunt performers bring the characters to life on screen through their dramatic and action performances. James Bamford has had a hand in that through his exciting choreography and now with his dynamic direction.

Most of the Arrow stunt talent come from the Canadian film community, however the production has on occasion flown in stunt performers from the US, namely Tim Connolly doubling Matt Nable (Ra’s al Ghul) in Season 3’s The Climb and Crystal Michelle, doubling Rutina Wesley (Liza Warner) in Season 4’s Beyond Redemption. This may be done  to match the performer to the special skills required or matching the physical appearance/ethnicity of the actor being doubled.

While fans are familiar with the actors portraying our favourite characters, I wanted to take some time to profile the main stunt performers in Season 6.

Will Erichson – Height 6’1″


Skills required

  • archery
  • hand-to-hand combat
  • martial arts
  • firearms
  • parkour
  • motorcycle stunts.

Will has worked on Arrow since Season 1, although he has only been doubling Arrow for the last few seasons. Previously Simon Burnett performed the role. He is also known for doubling Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool.

Social Media

Instagram: @will.erichson

Marshall A. Bingham – Height 6’1”


Skills required

  • hand-to-hand combat/martial arts
  • firearms.

Marshall previously doubled Chad Coleman in Season 5 of Arrow. He has worked on Star Trek: Beyond and doubled Idris Elba on the film The Mountain Between Us.

Social Media

Instagram: @stuntmarshall

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Me and Spartan himself @davidpaulramsey Arrow Seaon 4

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Kim Howey – Height 5’5”
Heidi Ford – Height 5’4”
Maja Aro (Stace-Smith) – Height 5’7”


Skills required

  • General stunt skills

Felicity’s role managing technology and communications in the Arrow cave requires occasional general stunt work. As such, several stunt performers double Emily, due to availability.

Kim Howey is known for her work on iRobot, Blood Ties and the short film, Sidekick where she doubled Emily.

Heidi Ford is known for her work on The 100, doubling Eliza Taylor among others, as well as Once Upon a Time. She has also doubled Charlotte Ross on Arrow.

Maja Aro is best known for Once Upon a Time, where she has doubled Ginnifer Goodwin and is the Stunt Co-ordinator. She was awarded the Artemis Stunt Warrior Award at the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in 2015 and was nominated for a Taurus Award for Best Stunt in 2014.

Social Media

Heidi Ford – Instagram: @heidiford101

Maja Aro – Twitter: @majaaro & Instagram: @majaarostunts

Ivett Gonda – Height 5’7”


Skills required

  • hand-to-hand combat
  • firearms
  • martial arts
  • parkour.

Ivett is a Hungarian born Canadian who has twice competed in Taekwondo at the Olympics. She has doubled Caity Lotz on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, as well as Zoie Palmer in Dark Matter.

Social Media

Instagram: Private

Rhys Williams – Height 5’11”


Skills required

  • firearms
  • hand-to-hand combat
  • parkour

Rhys has worked on Arrow since Season 1, as well as War for The Planet of the Apes, Deadpool and Suicide Squad.

Social Media

Instagram: @rhysstunts


Skills required

  • Hand-to-hand combat

With Echo’s height, Mr. Terrific/Curtis is the most challenging role to find suitable doubles. Several stunt performers double the role due to availability. I’ll update the article with some names of the stunt performers as soon as possible.

Melissa Jin Height 5’5”


Skills required

  • archery
  • martial arts

Melissa is best known to Arrow fans for the elevator fight in Brotherhood. She’s also worked on The 100 and Star Trek:Beyond.

Chris Di Meo Height 6’0″
Curtis Braconnier Height 5’8″


Skills required

  • firearms
  • hand-to-hand combat.

Chris has worked on Arrow the last two seasons and is also known for his work on Suicide Squad, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Beauty and the Beast where he doubled Jay Ryan.

Curtis is currently the Fight Co-ordinator on Arrow and has previously doubled Arsenal on the show. He is also known for his stunt work on Deadpool, Power Rangers and Warcraft: The Beginning.

Social Media

Chris Di Meo – Instagram: @chris.dimeo

Curtis Braconnier – Twitter: @xikun | Instagram: @curtbrac

James Michalopolous/Various Height 5’8″


Skills required

  • martial arts
  • firearms
  • hand-to-hand combat.

James doubled for Slade Wilson/Deathstroke during the early seasons and is also known for his stunt work on I, Robot, Star Trek: Beyond and Spartacus: War of the Damned. Recently several stunt performers have performed in the role.

Social Media

Twitter: @TheFitMix

Manu & James

One of the new stunt doubles below:

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