Beth Schwartz: James Bamford Just Killed That Fight Sequence

In a recent interview with EW about the upcoming 7th season of Arrow, show runner Beth Schwartz had high praise for the shower fight scene from the premiere, Inmate 4587.

Yeah, James Bamford, who directed the [premiere], just killed that fight sequence. It was very ambitious and worked really hard on, and it came out so well and we’re very excited for everyone to see the full thing. But, yeah, since returning to season 1, we wanted our fight sequences to be a little grittier, a little more personal, painful like you said, kind of in your face. We want to feel Oliver’s pain, and we definitely do in that fight sequence.

Source:New Arrow boss says Oliver makes ” questionable choices to survive prison in season – EW

Watch a sneak peek of the brutal shower fight scene in the Arrow Season 7 trailer. Arrow returns Monday October 15 at 8pm on the CW.

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