Episode 707 Title Revealed… And More

Spoiler TV revealed the titles for episodes 706-709 of Arrow today. Directed by James Bamford, episode 707 is The Slabside Redemption, a nod to the film, The Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank is a film of hope and not accepting your fate. Andy Dufresne worked for 17 years secretly tunnelling and planning his escape, while helping his fellow prisoners with financial matters and campaigning to improve the prison’s library. Hopefully, Oliver Queen will get the job done a little earlier.

Consulting Producer, Marc Guggenheim, shared the following description of the episode:

Stephen Amell recently revealed that he suffered an occult fracture to his hip while performing a Coast-To-Coast wrestling move at All-In, prior to filming this action-heavy episode.

He had the following to say about The Slabside Redemption:

The Slabside Redemption will air 26th November 2018.

New Titles for Season 7:

Arrow Episode 706 – Due Process

Arrow Episode 707 – The Slabside Redemption

Arrow Episode 708 – Unmasked

Arrow Episode 709 – Hour Two

Source: SpoilerTV

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