James Bamford… By His Arrow Colleagues

I enjoy James’ work whether it with stunts or directing, and I’ve occasionally shared what I see in James’ directing, but let’s hear from those who work with him. They work in the industry and are more qualified to speak of his work than I.

STEPHEN AMELL – Oliver Queen/Green Arrow – Arrow


“All of the things that he has wanted to see on the show, from an action perspective, he puts into this episode. Really incredible. But even more so, he was incredibly deft, as a director, on the emotional aspects of this episode, of which there are many because of this “shocking revelation.”

Source: IGN


EMILY BETT RICKARDS – Felicity Smoak – Arrow


“We have an amazing stunt team, led by James Bamford who has directed and is now our on set Producer as well. He’s done a phenomenal job. He’s a genius, he’s a masterpiece too. We’re just so lucky to be able to have him. … and our whole stunt department is just extremely talented and not to mention just loves throwing themselves against walls. It’s unbelievable.”

Source: Collider via BBF


DAVID RAMSEY – John Diggle – Arrow


MARC GUGGENHEIM – Co-Creator / Consulting Producer – Arrow

“We had Bam direct it because he was quite simply the best man for the job. He was the guy,” Guggenheim said. “I love his visual style, I love the performances he gets out of the actors. He finds a way to convey scope and production value in a way that pushes the envelope of the show. I’m an enormous fan of his work and he’s never let us down.”

Source: Access Hollywood via BBF


KATRINA LAW – Nyssa al Ghul – Arrow


“Yeah, James Bamford – he’s a legend! It’s like he’s running a military when he runs his crew. Because they’ll be sitting around, you know, doing whatever they do, and all of a sudden he’ll be like, “Alright guys, it’s up,” and then they all get up, they nail it, whatever fifty-step sequence that they all do, all at the same time, and then they sit down and go back to doing whatever. ”

Source: Den of Geek

“James Bamford is amazing!”

“The stunt team was amazing. James Bamford took great care of me; he broke everything down, made it simple for me and fun. It’s just a lot of fun.”

Source: Comicbook.com


PAUL BLACKTHORNE – Quentin Lance – Arrow

“He has got such a touch when it comes to the human side of it as well, the character side of it, the story side of it. That’s what I mean he personifies the whole thing Arrow is. It’s not just an appreciation of wham bam thank you ma’am look at these graphic stunts, you can sense the humanity in there as well and Bam is brilliant with that stuff. I was saying to him the other day, he’s given me some of the best notes I’ve ever had on Season 4 from an acting point of view. He’s so, he’s really tuned in with the story and with the characters and that’s kinda what Arrow is all about.”

Source: Next Level Radio via BBF


JOHN BARROWMAN – Malcolm Merlyn – Arrow


“The emotional level that he brings out with everybody is amazing and he taps into something. I don’t know if it’s because we know him in that way, but I think he taps into something that I don’t think anybody has tapped into before.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly via BBF


GREG BERLANTI – Co-Creator / Executive Producer – Arrow


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