Jade Shines On Arrow

Arrow’s flashforward episode. Star City 2040, directed by James Bamford, had a very special guest star who totally rocked. James’ youngest daughter, Jade Bamford, appeared as young Mia in a training sequence alongside Katrina Law (Nyssa al Ghul).

Perfectly cast as young Mia, Jade kicked butt and was really cute doing it. Jade performed a cartwheel, handstand and a series of impressive kicks in the sequence. The cartwheel was originally choreographed as one-handed (which Jade can perform), however due to cold conditions on Jade’s hands, it was changed to a two-handed cartwheel on the day. Jade was focused and showed great athletic ability.

Also performing in the training sequence was Carly Akins, playing 10 year old Mia and Katherine McNamara playing 17 year old Mia. Carly is a member of the same Capoeira club as Jade (Axé Capoeira) and was very impressive.

Here’s a video of the scene:

James shared a few Behind the Scenes photos from the day’s filming and wardrobe fitting:

Jade was even lucky enough to be featured in one of Lord Mesa’s artwork:

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James did a spectacular job choreographing the scene, which seamlessly progressed from one action actress playing Mia to the next. The episode featured a mix of heartfelt moments between characters, kickass action and glorious camera work and lighting. I especially loved the way the camera seemed to float through the cabin for the birth scene.

Thanks to James for the information on the actors and shoot.

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