Bam’s Last Decade

A lot can happen in 10 years. I had an idea to jot down some of the wonderful things that happened to James in the last decade….

In no particular order, James:

  • Co-created the wonderful Jade
  • Met his two brothers for the first time
  • Celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary
  • Had two hip replacement surgeries
  • Designed action for the Bollywood movie, Ek Tha Tiger
  • Won a TOIFA Award for Best action for that Bollywood movie
  • Designed action for the superhero series, Arrow, that ran for 8 seasons and launched a plethora of other superhero television series
  • Directed his first television episode, followed by 17 more.
  • Became Director/Producer on Arrow
  • Directed his daughter in an episode of Arrow
  • Successfully return after surgery to perform a stunning fight sequence on Mortal Kombat: Cyrus vs Sektor
  • Co-ordinated stunts on the Halo web series
  • Won several Leo Awards and was nominated for Best Director for the first episode of Arrow he directed
  • Represented Arrow as a guest at Comic-Con
  • Got several new tattoos, including a full sleeve
  • Had a portrait of himself on display in the Vancouver Creatives exhibition
  • Bought a Challenger which he still owns
  • Travelled to Italy, France, US, UK, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Portugal, Belize, Croatia and cruised the Caribbean
  • Met Tony Jaa, Rena Owen and Kenny Baker.

Wishing James all the best for the ’20s. Excited to hear what’s to come.

Thanks to everyone who visits this fansite. It’s truly a pleasure to create.

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