And The Title Is…. Air Force One Down

Apologies for the delay in the post, had some technical issues.

Director James Bamford announced the title of the film he has been directing in Sofia, Bulgaria for the past two months via Instagram.

Slate for “Air Force One Down” directed by James Bamford

The action film stars:

  • Kat McNamara (Arrow, Shadowhunters, Walker: Independence)
  • Ian Bohen (Yellowstone, Teen Wolf, Wind River)
  • Anthony Michael Hall (Blacklist, Dead Zone, The Breakfast Club)
  • Dascha Polanco (Gordita Chronicles, Orange Is The New Black, In The Heights)
  • Rade Serbedzija (Slow Horses, The Saint, Batman Begins)
  • Paul S Tracey (The Head, Red Ruby, Symons)
  • Max Kraus (The Witcher, The Princess)

Both Anthony Michael Hall and Kat McNamara shared videos of stunt rehearsals and firearm practice.

View stunt rehearsal with Anthony Michael Hall – Note: n

View Target practice with Kat McNamara –

Ian Bohen, James Bamford and Kat McNamara

All the best Bam, can’t wait to see this.

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