Arrow Stunts webseries

James films rehearsals for stunt scenes to show the directors how the fight scene could be shot, the choreography of the fight and the pacing. These are edited and uploaded online for Arrow fans.

NOTE: The CW have made all of the Stunt Series videos linked on this page private. I will gradually be uploading them to this website for all to enjoy and will advise once this is done.

Intro to the stunt series
Chair Fight
Silo fight
Bouncer fight
Prison riot
Deathstroke vs Yao Fei
Shield fight
The Huntress/Drug Dealer Goons
Dark Archer Showdown
The Rematch
Arrow vs Firefly
Top 20 Action Moments Countdown Pt 1
Top 20 Action Moments Countdown Pt 2
Top 20 Action Moments Countdown Pt 3

Season 2

The Canary Fight
Canary vs The Dollmaker
The Mayor
Oliver and Sarah vs Al-Owal
The League of Assassins

Season 3

Arrow vs Oliver Queen
Thea’s training
Merlyn’s Final Test
Arrow vs Nyssa vs Malcolm Merlyn
Felicity vs Five Sit-Ups
Arrow vs Wildcat
Arrow vs Cupid
Arrow vs Captain Boomerang
Arrow vs Ra’s al Ghul
The Two Shot Challenge
Black Canary vs Vertigo
Ollie and Thea vs Slade
Nyssa vs Al Sah-Him
Team Arrow vs The League
Oliver vs Ra’s: The Final Battle

Season 4

Green Arrow
The Candidate
The Battle for Sara’s Soul
Bam Bam’s Ballet of Death
Bam Bam Brings Down The House

Fight sequences

Oliver Queen vs Ra’s al Ghul (Full fight)

Official sites

CW Arrow
Arrow photo gallery
Arrow videos (only available within US)
Arrow music


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