Happy Birthday Bam!

Today we honour our favourite stunt guy James Bamford on his birthday! Happy Birthday Bam! Be sure to pop by his Twitter to wish himĀ  a Happy Birthday. Also if you're on Twitter at 3pm US/Can Eastern time, we attempting a Worldwide trend of "James Bamford deserves an Emmy". All you have to do is... Continue Reading →

Bam’s Vancouver Creatives photoshoot

Bam shared the news that the photoshoot for the Vancouver Creatives portfolio occurred today at the offices of Stunts Canada. Six photos were taken. Judging from James' tweets he thoughly enjoyed the process. So well done everyone for voting for James. I'm not sure when the photos will be published. VNBPhoto usually release a photo... Continue Reading →

James won! Congratulations!

James was recently nominated by BamBam Fans as one of Vancouver's great creative talents. Fans got behind the nomination and I can now confirm that James Bamford has won the cinema category and will be featured in Vancouver Is Awesome's Vancouver Creatives portfolio. James received an amazing 1027 votes! That is the most of any... Continue Reading →

1000 votes! Fantastic work by the fans

Last night James' votes were inching so close to the 1000 mark, so I put out the call to Arrow fans and within seconds I saw this! Amazing effort. James is currently approximately 400 votes ahead of the competition with 6 days remaining. However it's no time to be slack. If you've appreciated: The amazing... Continue Reading →

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