Bam’s Filmography

The James Bamford Filmography is a project I've been working on for many months. With several hundred credits, from the early days, doubling Michael Dudikoff to his latest role producing and directing Arrow, I'm sure you'll agree that James' resume is impressive. How many have you seen? Check the James Bamford Filmography. You'll also find... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary James and Layla

Wishing James and Layla a joyous anniversary full of love and laughter.... 11 years! Now time for a picspam: Here's to many more years and adventures together!

Happy Birthday James!

Wishing Arrow Producer/Director James Bamford the happiest of birthdays! He'll be celebrating on set with the cast and crew of Arrow. Send birthday wishes in the comments below or drop by Twitter or Instagram to give him your best wishes directly.

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