Tony Morelli memorial update

Stunts Canada have shared details (date, time, location and directions) of the Tony Morelli memorial on their Facebook page. Please share via social media to all who knew him. Stunts Canada Facebook

The Power of BamBam

Most days between 10-20 people around the world visit BamBam Fans. They find the site through search engines or via social media. Yesterday was a special day. After James retweeted my tweet about the Arrow page on BamBam Fans a staggering 73 visitors stopped by the site with 117 views. That's the power, influence and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Layla!

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to James' beautiful wife, Layla Bamford. I've always loved this photo but not the original background so much, so I photoshopped a much prettier one for this card. Layla, I hope your day is filled with fun, love and family. Enjoy! Any fans wishing to pass on birthday wishes, please... Continue Reading →

James Bamford Appreciation Day

To honour James' Birthday I hereby declare today "James Bamford Appreciation Day". There's so many things I appreciate about James. His talent. He truly does have a gift with fight choreography. I've said it before, there's a reason behind each move he designs and whether it's an actor or stunt performer they are in safe... Continue Reading →

Feb 26 is James Bamford Appreciation Day

WARNING: This is a super-secret post. If your name is James Bamford please look away.... ok, carry on. We all know how hard James Bamford works to make the stunts on our favourite TV shows spectacular. In addition he spends hours chatting to fans, answering questions, sharing behind the scenes photos and videos.  We appreciate... Continue Reading →

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