Doubling Arrow

With trick arrows, dynamic fight sequences, thrilling explosions, ziplines and parkour, Arrow stunts have entertained us for six seasons with actors and stunt performers bring the characters to life on screen through their dramatic and action performances. James Bamford has had a hand in that through his exciting choreography and now with his dynamic direction.... Continue Reading →

James Bamford, Director Part 1: Mythbusting & Delivering a Fresh View

Directing television is challenging, particularly on an action heavy series such as Arrow. With only a week of prep and 8 days total filming, you better be well prepared before stepping on set. Enter James Bamford. I believe offering James a directorial opportunity is one of the smartest decisions the Arrow producers have made.... Continue Reading →

A few words about hate

A tool such as social media has the power to do so much good, as we saw recently when Stephen Amell helped an Arrow colleague find his son, who had been kidnapped 12 years earlier. Recently though I've seen a lot of so-called adults using this to attack and discredit someone I care about that... Continue Reading →

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