Can Bam Direct Every Episode?

The Arrow cast declared their love for Director/Stunt Co-ordinator James Bamford in the following interview with Entertainment Weekly. James has been directing the first two episodes of Season 5 and the cast spoke at San Diego Comic-Con. Stephen explains that the "back to basics" theme of the show is exemplified by James' directing as he... Continue Reading →

New interview with BamBam

Budomate Magazine just published an interview with Arrow Stunt/Fight Co-ordinator/Director, James Bamford. Check it out! James Bamford Interview, The Man Behind Fight Scenes of the Arrow TV Show   

Interviews with BamBam for Brotherhood

With Brotherhood airing tonight a few interviews of James were published today. TV Line - GreenArrow TV - - Access Hollywood - BuddyTv -          

#tbt Choreographing for a pregnant woman

I rediscovered an interview with James for MGM where he discusses fight choreography for the Stargate Atlantis episode "Missing". In particular he discusses the challenges of choreographing for Rachel Luttrell who was pregnant at the time. Firstly, awwwwww at James' reaction upon hearing the exciting news from his friend. James was able to choreograph the... Continue Reading →

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