Bam’s cameo role

James shared with his followers on Twitter and Instagram that he has a cameo role in Episode 301 of Arrow. He even shaved his beard for the role. No more details whether there's dialogue or just stunts, but it's exciting. In other, more pressing news....I just shaved off my beard for the first time in... Continue Reading →

Arrow stunts snubbed again

I wrote an article last year that The Emmys had become irrelevant because the TV show with the best stunts wasn't even nominated. Well, guess what? Same shit, different year. Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator JJ Makaro was again overlooked for Outstanding Stunt Co-ordination in a Drama Series, miniseries or movie. The nominations went to: Game of... Continue Reading →

Step 1. Arrow is on the Emmy ballot

Well the first step to securing it's first Emmy nomination has been achieved. Arrow does appear on the ballot for Outstanding Stunt Co-ordination in a Drama Series, miniseries or Movie, alongside 39 other entries like The Tomorrow People. Hopefully the Emmy voters will recognise the talent and originality on the Canadian filmed show. Good luck... Continue Reading →

Bam directed the final fight

Stumbled on this from one of the attendees at a recent convention where Arrow's Stephen Amell was doing a Q&A. Apparently James directed the final fight scene on the Arrow Season 2 finale. Stephen Amell at Eek! Comic and Pop Culture Fest: "Q: How long does it take to choreograph a fight scene? A: About... Continue Reading →

Bam is doubly blessed with two new tattoos

James must have an enormously high pain threshold 'cos he just got some fresh ink in Thailand - two new tattoos in fact all done with bamboo. Yantra tattooing or Sak Yant is a traditional form of tattooing practiced in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The tattoos are believed to bestow protection and good luck and... Continue Reading →

Bruce Lee Museum, Tony Jaa, Muay Thai fights, temples and tigers… check, check, check all

Have you been keeping up-to-date with James' trip to Hong Kong and Thailand? What an amazing trip. Let's see what's happened to James so far.... Martial Arts legends @tonyjaaofficial and @royhoran ......@DarrenEScott and I basking in the greatness. — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) May 5, 2014 Encountered the old fake taxi driver Toured Hong Kong... Continue Reading →

Bam’s in California?

James posted one of his cryptic tweets: It's certainly warm in this part of the world......— James Bamford (@JamesBamford) April 21, 2014 That's the WB offices... hmmmm.... mystery 🙂

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