Bam Directs His 13th Arrow Episode

In four seasons directing Arrow, James has set a clear vision of the way the show looks and feels. Working with the stunt department, he's been able to deliver ambitious, dynamic stunts that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with TV show timeframe and budget. He's worked on lighting and practical effects that... Continue Reading →

BamBam Has His Own Cookie

Tina Nichols, Baker and a fan of Bam has created a cookie to honour BamBam. It's called the Citrus Bam Bam and it's an orange cookie with marmalade filling (Pictured below on the far right is the strawberry alternative). Sounds delicious! Tina is kindly sending some my way. Thanks Tina! You can follow her on... Continue Reading →

Episode 707 Title Revealed… And More

Spoiler TV revealed the titles for episodes 706-709 of Arrow today. Directed by James Bamford, episode 707 is The Slabside Redemption, a nod to the film, The Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank is a film of hope and not accepting your fate. Andy Dufresne worked for 17 years secretly tunnelling and planning his escape, while helping his... Continue Reading →

First Day Of Crossover Filming For Arrow

On Thursday, James shared a photo from set announcing it was the first day of filming for the Arrow part of the crossover, Elseworlds. It sounds like it went well as he finished the day praising the cast and crew for their efforts. Other reactions from the cast: Repost... Continue Reading →

Next Stop, Vancouver

One more sleep before my big Vancouver/New York trip (plus Heroes & Villains Fanfest New Jersey) and I'm excited. Hopefully I'll be able to see Arrow filming on location if I'm lucky. I might even be able to catch up with this guy.... Enjoy the picspam!

James At Comic-Con

Fresh off directing the season 7 premiere of Arrow, James is now in San Diego for Comic-Con. The promotion for the new season includes press interviews, and a Q&A panel featuring the cast and new Showrunner Beth Schwartz, where the Season 7 sizzle reel will be shown. With only one episode filmed so far, all... Continue Reading →

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