Bam shines in the IGN Season 4 review

From IGN:  "Bamford especially showed a knack for making the most of the talented stuntmen and women, with brutal combat and shots that lingered on the action rather than devolving into a mess of quick cuts and choppy editing." IGN: Arrow Season 4 Review

James Bamford orchestrated gold

Some wonderful praise for the sword fights from "Unchained": "That moment came in last week’s episode when we were rewarded with another chance to see her fighting spirit. In episode twelve, aptly named “Unchained,” her moment finally reared its triumphant head during Malcolm’s absence when Talibah and two other league members orchestrated her jail-break. James... Continue Reading →

Arrow in TV’s “Best of” lists

From TV fanatic: ARROW "Lastly, we can't talk about Arrow without talking about the beauty of the fight sequences; the show's stunt coordination is simply unmatched on TV right now. -- Robin Harry" Full list: TV Fanatic From IGN ARROW - The Climb In Arrow's midseason finale, Oliver scaled a big ass mountain and then... Continue Reading →

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