A Treat For The Cast And Crew

As filming for Arrow Season 6 for 2017 comes to a close, James Bamford and Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake/Black Canary) treated the cast and crew to coffee and donuts via one of the food trucks that travels around Vancouver. What a thoughtful gesture. Echo Kellum shared the following via Instagram Stories & it was shared... Continue Reading →

Stunt Driving with BamBam 

I found myself down a rabbit hole this evening watching Stargate BTS videos and it was so much fun. One of my favourite Stargate Atlantis episodes was Vegas - great story, fantastic look and spectacular stunts. Towards the end of the episode, Sheppard drives down the highway towards the camera & does a 180 spin.... Continue Reading →

Just Hit Him… This Is Not A Chorus Line

I've been catching up on the full Arrow Panel from San Diego Comic-Con and one of the funniest moments is when Stephen and John share James' reactions when John adds extra flourishes in fight sequences. Coming from a dance background it's natural for John to bounce and add extra hand movements, which are not appropriate... Continue Reading →

Arrow Aftershow: Bam will direct in Season 5

James was a guest on the Afterbuzz TV Arrow Aftershow today and shared the news that he will be directing in Season 5. James has had an impressive debut, with his episodes receiving both critical and fan praise for inventive capture of action and team moments. Paul Blackthorne (Quentin Lance) says James has given him... Continue Reading →

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