The Secret Origin of Cigar Fridays

Cigar Fridays have become an Arrow tradition for the stunt team and in his latest Vine Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford explains why he does it: Intro: Why James does Cigar Fridays: James has had an incredible career so far and deserves a cigar or two or three. What a sweet guy Nick Tarabay (Captain Boomerang... Continue Reading →

Missing Cigar Fridays

To some it's TGIF, for others its Fan Art Friday but for me it's Cigar Fridays on Arrow. James' Vines with the cast and crew have.entertained us for over a year. A rough count there's been about 35 Cigar Friday's on Arrow, plus a couple of extras on special days like Saturday's and birthdays. It's... Continue Reading →

I felt that punch from Australia

A new clip for Arrow's premiere episode "The Calm" was released over the weekend and it was freaking awesome! It has everything, a new improved kickass Count Vertigo, Arrow vs Oliver and did I mention the fight scenes? Well the first punch Vertigo Oliver delivers...well let's just say I felt that punch from Australia. The... Continue Reading →

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