DC All Access interview with Tiffany Smith [VID]
James ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford – PremScene at LFCC July 2011 [VID]
On the Set: Arrow‘s Stunt Coordinator Teaches Us How to Fight Like Oliver Queen – TV Guide Dec 2014
Stuntman from Stargate’s demo – The Sun UK [VID]
The Phenomenon – Gateworld [VID]


Risky Business – Gateworld [AUDIO] with transcript
Vancity Filming Podcast Episode 6 – Vancity Filming [AUDIO]
Next Level Radio Interview with James Bamford – Next Level Radio [AUDIO]
Season Finale Award – Entertainment Weekly [AUDIO]


Actors and Stunts – NYCasting – Interview with James, Celina Jade, John Barrowman, Osric Chau & Tim Gallin
Arrow Fight Boss Talks Oliver/Dig Role Reversal, Honing His Star and Crafting a Scene 20 Years in the Making – TVLine
‘Arrow’ Interview: James Bamford on Fighting Styles and Directing – BuddyTV
Bam Bam: Getting to know James Bamford – Beyond the Event Horizon
Biz Interview: James Bamford of Arrow – Biz Books
Crashing, Burning & Getting Paid – Metro News
Fall Guy – MGM by Sharon Gosling
Fight Club – MGM by Sharon Gosling
F.I.L.E.S Q & A Local Stunt Coordinator Sensation James “Bam Bam” Bamford
Gambit’s role in X2 – Comic Book Movie
Interview with James Bamford, Director of Tonight’s Arrow “Brotherhood” – Greenarrowtv
James Bamford –
James Bamford Action Man – SciFiandTVTalk’sBlog
James Bamford im SG-P Exklusivinterview (September 2008) – SG-P Stargate Project (German) (English translation _ Google Translate)
James Bamford Interview, The Man Behind Fight Scenes of the Arrow TV Show – Budomate magazine
James Bamford On His Directorial Debut in Tonight’s Arrow –
James Bamford Talks Directing Arrow – Access Hollywood
James Bamford Talks Training Stephen Amell, Directing and More – Wayfearer Dreamer
Stargate Atlantis Stunt Coordinator James “Bam Bam” Bamford Takes Your Best Shots – Joe Mallozzi’s blog
X2’s Gambit tells his story – Mania Beyond Entertainment


Chevron 7.4 Guest Talks: Bam Bam, Brian J Smith and a Stunt Demo – Memoirs of a TV Junkie
Heroes & Villains Fanfest Stunt Demo/Q&A


The following are interviews with other stunt performers or actors with special mentions of James.

Caity Lotz, Paul Blackthorne & Katrina Law – Den of Geek
Colton Haynes – Comic Book Resources
JJ Makaro – Entertainment Weekly
Katie Cassidy – TV Line
Katrina Law – IGN
Katrina Law –
Kyra Zagorsky – SciFi and TV Talk
Loyd Bateman – SciFiWorld
Paul Blackthorne – a Next Level Radio
Rachel Luttrell – Den of Geek
Stephen Amell – Zap 2 it
Stephen Amell – DC Comics news

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