End of an era

Today we say goodbye to Arrow. It's been an amazing journey for James. From training Stephen, to choreographing some of the most ambitious stunt sequences on television then knocking it out of the park as Director and Producer. James has put his mark on the show more than anyone and his fans appreciate the hard... Continue Reading →

Award Win For Arrow Stunts

One of the most ambitious, action-heavy episodes of Arrow to date was recognised with a Leo Award to Eli Zagoudakis and Jeffrey Robinson for Best Stunt Co-ordination for The Slabside Redemption, directed by James Bamford. https://twitter.com/stuntscanada/status/1135225175098548224?s=21 https://www.instagram.com/p/ByNn87mBlWf/?igshid=f0jq3flwx3gt Amidst rioting inmates and with Ricardo Diaz targeting him for death, Oliver must protect the guards and defeat... Continue Reading →

Doubling Arrow

With trick arrows, dynamic fight sequences, thrilling explosions, ziplines and parkour, Arrow stunts have entertained us for six seasons with actors and stunt performers bring the characters to life on screen through their dramatic and action performances. James Bamford has had a hand in that through his exciting choreography and now with his dynamic direction.... Continue Reading →

Arrow and the Law of Gravity

Incredible stunts on superhero TV shows, such as Arrow, have captured the attention of television viewers. These productions are achieving incredibly high quality stunts on a much smaller budget and timeframe than their movie counterparts and raising the bar for what we see on television. James was interviewed for a recent Variety article on Superhero... Continue Reading →

Just Hit Him… This Is Not A Chorus Line

I've been catching up on the full Arrow Panel from San Diego Comic-Con and one of the funniest moments is when Stephen and John share James' reactions when John adds extra flourishes in fight sequences. Coming from a dance background it's natural for John to bounce and add extra hand movements, which are not appropriate... Continue Reading →

That’s a wrap on Season 4

It's been a huge season for James. In addition to directing 2 episodes, he has choreographed some of the biggest stunt sequences we've seen on the show. Remember all the way back to episode 402 The Candidate - the opening fight sequence on multiple levels that included a zipline by Black Canary, fired from Green... Continue Reading →

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