Master of ass kickery at work

I wish I could explain how thrilling it is to see James Bamford in his element, on set directing the most kickass Arrow fight sequence to date. His passion for his work leaps off the screen. In the latest episode of the Stunt Series "Bam Bam's Ballet of Death" Director, James Bamford and Fight Designer,... Continue Reading →

Cracker night on the Arrow set

They're only filming the second episode of season 4 but it sounds like Arrow fans are in for a whole heap of action. This tweet just in from Arrow Fight Co-ordinator / Stunt Co-ordinator James Bamford: Thank you #Arrow cast/crew/stunt team for the unbelievable feat of awesomeness that occurred tonight. Wholly shit you are amazing.... Continue Reading →

Arrow Stunt Series continues to shine

The Arrow Stunt series has been so warmly received by fans and I've really appreciated the increase in videos shared in Season 3, compared to Season 2. The final two videos have been uploaded, both with interviews with Fight Designer James Bamford. Team Arrow vs The League James explains for all the trivia buffs that... Continue Reading →

At the end of the day BamBam is always right

What a treat to have BamBam and Katrina Law breakdown the rooftop fight between Al Sah-him and Nyssa al Ghul in Wednesday's episode. Katrina discusses the challenge of running forwards, looking sideways and pretending to fire arrows. She admits that James demands a lot of his performers. She might be running as fast as she... Continue Reading →

Thea takes down Slade

In the latest Arrow stunt video we see Oliver and Thea take on Slade on Lian Yu. James shot the rehearsal video at night before Christmas and you can see the Christmas lights in the background, giving it a festive feel. James explains that Slade targets Oliver's recently injured shoulder. However Slade loses track of... Continue Reading →

Arrow Stunt Team jackets rock!

Arrow writer Brian Ford Sullivan (@briforsul) shared a photo of the incredible Season 3 Stunt Team jacket BamBam gifted him. The Arrow Stunt Team shirts and jackets are prized possessions given to all stunt performers on the show and actors performing stunts. Wildcat Gym Fight Club - you know you want one! Hehe... I wonder... Continue Reading →

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