That’s a wrap on Season 4

It's been a huge season for James. In addition to directing 2 episodes, he has choreographed some of the biggest stunt sequences we've seen on the show. Remember all the way back to episode 402 The Candidate - the opening fight sequence on multiple levels that included a zipline by Black Canary, fired from Green... Continue Reading →

Black Canary vs Canary… No wait Vertigo

Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator, James Bamford, gives new insight into the Black Canary vs Vertigo fight in an all new Stunt video. Werner Zytle (Vertigo) injects Black Canary with the hallucinogenic drug, Vertigo, that causes her to see her biggest fear, living up to the legacy of his sister Sara aka Canary. The fight sequence, wonderfully... Continue Reading →

A lot of heart, but no technique

If there's one character that has created the most debate on Arrow it's Laurel Lance. Her destiny to become Black Canary was known from the beginning. Fans were thrown a curve ball when her sister, Sara, who was presumed dead, came back wielding a staff and calling herself The Canary. In the past Laurel had... Continue Reading →

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