Live +7 Ratings Gains for Code of Silence

TV By the Numbers released the ratings for Week 22 Feb 15-21, including Arrow Code of Silence which James Bamford directed. Gif via Essential TV Arrow Adult 18-49 Total Gain Live/SameDay Live+7 7 Day Increase % Gain 0.9 1.6 0.7 78%   Arrow Viewers Total Gain Live/SameDay(000's) Live+7 (000's) 7 Day Increase (000's) % Gain... Continue Reading →

That’s what doing stunts is all about

In the latest stunt video, director James Bamford takes viewers through some of the incredible stunt sequences in Code of Silence.  In the "Bringing down the building" sequence James points out the practical effects going off around actors Katie Cassidy and Paul Blackthorne. Yes, it's the actors themselves. When BamBam told them what he had... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes on Arrow

Arrow's Paul Blackthorne shared some wonderful photos behind the scenes shooting Code of Silence, the episode James directed. What a talented man he is. Here's a few shots. View the full gallery     James hugging the adorable Miss Emily Bett Rickards    James chatting with the lovely Ms Charlotte Ross    Emily at the engagement... Continue Reading →

Code of Silence reviews

The US & Canadian airings of Code of Silence were well received by fans.  Here's a few of the reviews (Side note: I do enjoy reading articles by professional writers. I encourage more sites to employ them. The reviews elevate the sites to more than just Tumblr rants): Den of Geek: Code of Silence review (My... Continue Reading →

Code of Silence airs today!

Wishing James all the best for today's airing of Arrow - Code of Silence. I'm so excited to see it. I've been busy creating content to share via social media and connecting with fan groups of the guest stars. It's been quite successful. The buzz around the episode is amazing. Thanks to everyone for their... Continue Reading →

A few details on the Demolition Team

I've been doing a little research on DC's Demolition Team. In the comics the team are a group of mercenaries, hired to destroy the LA branch of Ferris Aircraft. The leader, Rosie was: "A former, no-nonsense bar owner in New Orleans, she brandished a rapid-fire hot rivet gun." Another member, Hardhat was a: "former heavyweight... Continue Reading →

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