First Day Of Crossover Filming For Arrow

On Thursday, James shared a photo from set announcing it was the first day of filming for the Arrow part of the crossover, Elseworlds. It sounds like it went well as he finished the day praising the cast and crew for their efforts. Other reactions from the cast: Repost... Continue Reading →

Crisis on Earth-X starts Monday

Last year's crossover featured an alien invasion. Producers have said this year's massive Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Earth-X, will raise the emotional stakes as Nazi soldiers from an alternate Earth crash Barry & Iris' wedding. The crossover begins Monday night with Supergirl, followed straight after with the Arrow episode directed by James Bamford. It concludes... Continue Reading →

Crossover Photos The crossover of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrrow and is titled Crisis on Earth-X. "Described as a four-hour movie, the crossover will bring the casts of all four shows together for the much-anticipated wedding of Barry and Iris, only to have it interrupted by the arrival of the... Continue Reading →

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