Doubling Arrow

With trick arrows, dynamic fight sequences, thrilling explosions, ziplines and parkour, Arrow stunts have entertained us for six seasons with actors and stunt performers bring the characters to life on screen through their dramatic and action performances. James Bamford has had a hand in that through his exciting choreography and now with his dynamic direction.... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 5 starts today!

Wishing Arrow Director James Bamford all the best for episodes 501 and 502, which start filming today in Vancouver. Arrow's lead Stephen Amell explained via Facebook they are filming crossboard, which means the episodes are not filmed separately. It's a task requiring great organisation and preparation. Fortunately Arrow have the best director for this job.... Continue Reading →

Leo Awards

Follow the hashtag #LeoAwards16 for up to date news on the winners and photos from the awards show and red carpet.    The Celebration Awards on Saturday kicks off with Reception at 5pm at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, with the Awards Show from 7:30pm. James is nominated with JJ Makaro, Eli Zagoudakis and Curtis Braconnier... Continue Reading →

Rock the Leos Bam

The Leo Awards continue this weekend, and James has been nominated in two categories, for Best Direction in a Dramatic Series for Brotherhood and for Best Stunt Co-ordination in a Dramatic Series along with JJ Makaro, Eli Zagoudakis and Curtis Braconnier for the same episode.  Also nominated is Emily Bett Rickards for Best Lead Performance... Continue Reading →

James Bamford Nominated for Two Leos for Brotherhood 

The Leo Award nominations were released today and it's fantastic news for Arrow and James in particular. BamBam received his first directing nomination for dramatic series for Brotherhood, as well as Best Stunt Co-ordination with JJ Makaro, Eli Zagoudakis and Curtis Braconnier for the same episode. Brotherhood was an exciting, action-filled episode that showcased... Continue Reading →

Master of ass kickery at work

I wish I could explain how thrilling it is to see James Bamford in his element, on set directing the most kickass Arrow fight sequence to date. His passion for his work leaps off the screen. In the latest episode of the Stunt Series "Bam Bam's Ballet of Death" Director, James Bamford and Fight Designer,... Continue Reading →

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