Black Canary vs Canary… No wait Vertigo

Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator, James Bamford, gives new insight into the Black Canary vs Vertigo fight in an all new Stunt video. Werner Zytle (Vertigo) injects Black Canary with the hallucinogenic drug, Vertigo, that causes her to see her biggest fear, living up to the legacy of his sister Sara aka Canary. The fight sequence, wonderfully... Continue Reading →

Arrow stunts a smash hit! D’uh

Arrow returned to the screen this evening for the mid-season premiere and it comes as no surprise that James Bamford and the Arrow stunts team received an enormous amount of appreciation for their work on the episode and the show via Twitter. Here's a snippet:   #ArrowMidSeasonPremiere I’ve done many TV series, but our #Arrow... Continue Reading →

The Canary Fight kicks ass!

I was only wondering yesterday what had become of the stunt video series that was so popular during season one. Well wonder no more, 'cos it's back! The first featurette uploaded is The Canary Fight from Arrow Episode 201 City of Heroes. Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Choreographer James Bamford said the scene in the show was... Continue Reading →

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