Updates from filming Part 2

There's been sooooooo many updates the previous blog post was getting out of hand so I've split it into 3 posts. DAY FIVE STUDIO Stephen's Shoutout via Facebook Live James' reply: @amellywood Hey bud....nope I'm not on Facebook....thanks for the kind words over there about 407. I'm having a wonderful time. — James Bamford (@JamesBamford)... Continue Reading →

Updates from filming

I'll be sharing updates from filming of James' episode "Brotherhood" over the next two weeks. DAY THREE AT STUDIO & ON LOCATION Bam posted some photos on Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/8CzvDVloIs/ https://instagram.com/p/7_7xjrFoPR/ DAY TWO ON LOCATION IN LANGLEY James posted a beautiful spider's web https://instagram.com/p/78Jmr9FoEi/ Stephen posted: https://instagram.com/p/78PmWSSNLr/ DAY ONE AT STUDIO Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim posted... Continue Reading →

All systems go! Arrow 407 starts shooting Monday

James had the final preparation for Episode 407 (title as yet unknown) today and stopped to share a few photos via Instagram. He looks happy... and handsome. I wonder if he'll be wearing a suit for shooting next week. That would be awesome. https://instagram.com/p/7zIZ52loPt/?taken-by=james2bambamford https://instagram.com/p/7zD5OdFoJb/?taken-by=james2bambamford Yesterday key members of crew were on a tech survey:... Continue Reading →

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