Master of ass kickery at work

I wish I could explain how thrilling it is to see James Bamford in his element, on set directing the most kickass Arrow fight sequence to date. His passion for his work leaps off the screen. In the latest episode of the Stunt Series "Bam Bam's Ballet of Death" Director, James Bamford and Fight Designer,... Continue Reading →

Updates from filming Part 2

There's been sooooooo many updates the previous blog post was getting out of hand so I've split it into 3 posts. DAY FIVE STUDIO Stephen's Shoutout via Facebook Live James' reply: @amellywood Hey bud....nope I'm not on Facebook....thanks for the kind words over there about 407. I'm having a wonderful time. — James Bamford (@JamesBamford)... Continue Reading →

Updates from filming

I'll be sharing updates from filming of James' episode "Brotherhood" over the next two weeks. DAY THREE AT STUDIO & ON LOCATION Bam posted some photos on Instagram: DAY TWO ON LOCATION IN LANGLEY James posted a beautiful spider's web Stephen posted: DAY ONE AT STUDIO Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim posted... Continue Reading →

All systems go! Arrow 407 starts shooting Monday

James had the final preparation for Episode 407 (title as yet unknown) today and stopped to share a few photos via Instagram. He looks happy... and handsome. I wonder if he'll be wearing a suit for shooting next week. That would be awesome. Yesterday key members of crew were on a tech survey:... Continue Reading →

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