Arrow 414 is….. Code of Silence

The title of Arrow Episode 414 has been released and it's Code of Silence. For those that like random trivia, Code of Silence is the title of a Billy Joel song on The Bridge album. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim is a massive Billy Joel fan. As yet, no synopsis has been released. Arrow Ep. 414... Continue Reading →

Sweet words from the lovely Paul Blackthorne

Sounds like it's a fun day on set today as Arrow's Paul Blackthorne tweeted the following: That's the best action sequence I've experienced on #Arrow @JamesBamford Putting myself & @MzKatieCassidy thru our paces! #TopDirector — Paul Blackthorne (@PaulBlackthorne) December 16, 2015 Following the YVRShoots tag it appears the action is all inside the Canada Post... Continue Reading →

First day filming Arrow 414

Shooting began on Arrow's 14th episode (as yet no title known) with James taking over the director's chair. I'll be sharing social media posts from James and the rest of the cast and crew, so watch this space: First day of shooting 4X14 today....ill be quiet on the tweeting front for the most part guys....have... Continue Reading →

An epic tease for 414

James Bamford is the master of the tease. So far Episode 414 has been as mysterious as 407, his first directorial effort. Today James tweeted: All I can tell you about Episode 414 of #Arrow is we have 2 very amazing actors from 2 different very amazing fandoms joining us=EPIC. — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) December... Continue Reading →

Filming begins on 414 Tuesday

James has been hard at work prepping for his next directorial gig on Arrow, Episode 414. He responded to a fan today that filming begins on Tuesday 15th December. @knockknockjoan It starts next Tuesday, actually....... 🖖🏼 — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) December 12, 2015 As yet there's been no synopsis or title for the episode released.... Continue Reading →

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