James Bamford Appreciation Day

To honour James' Birthday I hereby declare today "James Bamford Appreciation Day". There's so many things I appreciate about James. His talent. He truly does have a gift with fight choreography. I've said it before, there's a reason behind each move he designs and whether it's an actor or stunt performer they are in safe... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st birthday Jade!

Feels like only yesterday when James shared the ultrasound photo to announce that he and Layla were having a baby. That was 2013. Can you believe that? Boy does time fly. On the inside....here's our new addition chillin' at home. Look's like Dad? pic.twitter.com/OpxCRizdab — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) July 23, 2013 A year ago James... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Bam!

Today we honour our favourite stunt guy James Bamford on his birthday! Happy Birthday Bam! Be sure to pop by his Twitter to wish him  a Happy Birthday. Also if you're on Twitter at 3pm US/Can Eastern time, we attempting a Worldwide trend of "James Bamford deserves an Emmy". All you have to do is... Continue Reading →

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