Next Stop, Vancouver

One more sleep before my big Vancouver/New York trip (plus Heroes & Villains Fanfest New Jersey) and I'm excited. Hopefully I'll be able to see Arrow filming on location if I'm lucky. I might even be able to catch up with this guy.... Enjoy the picspam!

Hiatus Holiday

James is enjoying hiatus with his family, visiting Belize, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. Here's a few holiday snaps courtesy of his & Layla's Instagrams:

James in Mexico

James and his family have been spending their Christmas break in Mexico. Photos via Instagram - james2bambamford. The weather looks lovely.   Oh he's happy alright! Here's James, Layla & Jade. What a cutie....   Big smiles today...   Why? Well he found a hand-rolled cigar shop... perhaps we'll have a special... Continue Reading →

Bruce Lee Museum, Tony Jaa, Muay Thai fights, temples and tigers… check, check, check all

Have you been keeping up-to-date with James' trip to Hong Kong and Thailand? What an amazing trip. Let's see what's happened to James so far.... Martial Arts legends @tonyjaaofficial and @royhoran ......@DarrenEScott and I basking in the greatness. — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) May 5, 2014 Encountered the old fake taxi driver Toured Hong Kong... Continue Reading →

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