Award Win For Arrow Stunts

One of the most ambitious, action-heavy episodes of Arrow to date was recognised with a Leo Award to Eli Zagoudakis and Jeffrey Robinson for Best Stunt Co-ordination for The Slabside Redemption, directed by James Bamford. Amidst rioting inmates and with Ricardo Diaz targeting him for death, Oliver must protect the guards and defeat... Continue Reading →


Stargate Atlantis Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi shared the following images of James and the stunt team (Simon Burnett and Jeffrey Robinson) in the episode First Contact. From Stargate Wiki: "The Armored exoskeleton was a type of equipment used by the Vanir....... The exoskeleton suits have 30+ moving parts. The lights located on the arms are... Continue Reading →

More action gold! New Stunt series video

Almost as famous as Stephen Amell uttering "Facebook" is James Bamford's introduction to the stunt series... "The action scenes you see on screen are designed and rehearsed by our team of stunt professionals. We use stand-in props and a bit of imagination to help it all come together." I love it when he says that.... Continue Reading →

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