Wednesday = Double Amell + Double KickAss

It seems like the Arrow stunt team may have perfected cloning. Today Stunt Co-ordinator JJ Makaro & Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford announced that the Arrow stunt team will be responsible for the wicked action on the CW's new series The Tomorrow People, in addition to the kick ass action each week on Season 2 of... Continue Reading →

New stunt video: Dark Archer Showdown

CW have uploaded a new stunt rehearsal video which shows Stunt performers Simon Burnett (Mr. Invincible) and Jon Kralt (Mr Fantastic) give a play-by-play of the final scene with the showdown between Arrow and the Dark Archer. I believe James is filming it. The rehearsal reinforces how dominant the Dark Archer is over Arrow.

Shoutout from Stephen to the stunt team

At yesterday's PaleyFest Arrow panel Stephen Amell mentioned the amazing Arrow stunt team, JJ Makaro, James Bamford, Simon Burnett (Stephen's stunt double) and Jon Kralt, who apparently does all of the high falls on the show. Stephen was impressed with the detail that went into the stunt sequences and mentioned how they mapped out chase... Continue Reading →

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