Testing the hips

Several years ago James had the opportunity to perform in the popular web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Episode 9 Cyrax & Sektor, one of my favourites. James tested out his hips after two replacement surgeries the previous year with a well choreographed, high intensity fight sequence designed by Stunt/Fight Co-ordinator Larnell Stovall. Recently Mr. Stovall... Continue Reading →

It’s only the best promo trailer ever!

There's only one rule in Superhero Fight Club... there are no rules! If you're part of the Arrow/The Flash stunt team there's one more rule "Don't talk about Superhero Fight Club" ....and they didn't, for months! The patience of James Bamford astounds me. This morning the CW released an explosive new promotional trailer, directed by... Continue Reading →

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