Six Degrees of James Bamford

When I saw that Stargate's Mike Dopud would be appearing in Season 5 of Arrow I thought he might be the Canadian Kevin Bacon, so prolific that all other actors were within a few degrees of separation from him based on films they've been in. This led me to The Oracle of Bacon website where... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali inside the ring - vs George Foreman, 1974 Kinshasa, Zaire Muhammad Ali outside the ring - I Am The Greatest Thoughts are with Ali's family, friends and to James -Muhammad Ali was a source of inspiration, not only for his incredible sporting achievements, but as a man and humanitarian.

Happy 1st birthday Jade!

Feels like only yesterday when James shared the ultrasound photo to announce that he and Layla were having a baby. That was 2013. Can you believe that? Boy does time fly. On the's our new addition chillin' at home. Look's like Dad? — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) July 23, 2013 A year ago James... Continue Reading →

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